The Prophet Bob Jones: "A Three Foot Tall Being Rang My Doorbell"

In this video interview, it only took about two minutes for the late "prophet" Bob Jones to prove himself to be a delusional nutcase on the order of cult leader Joseph Smith. Amazingly, Bob Jones is at the very heart and center of the New Apostolic Reformation; his "prophetic words" are responsible for establishing many of the major ministries associated with the NAR.

Rick Joyner: "Jesus Chose Leaders Like Donald Trump"

Remember in the Bible where it says: "Jesus was a tough character?" Well, it's not actually in the Bible, but Rick Joyner says so. Jim Bakker and Rick Joyner are trying to make the point that Jesus picked "tough guy" sailors to be his disciples (like Donald Trump), and Jesus was tougher than all of them (like Donald Trump). Short clip from the Jim Bakker TV Show: