I know you certainly put a good deal of time and probably a chunk of money into getting this site up and as a beneficiary of that, I have increased my partnership level… Hope this helps you in accomplishing the goals you have for the network and moreover, that more and more would hear the unfathomably wonderful Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ.

St. Paul was very correct when he exhorted the young Timothy to “guard the doctrine” because it literally does save. I know this teaching has literally brought my family out of a dark despair and from destruction into the light and freedom of the Gospel.

You probably don’t know that last year my wife of almost 10 years was baptized in our local Lutheran congregation. It was an indescribably beautiful moment for her and for me and our children and friends. I know you would never take credit for her conversion, but all this kinda started with me listening to a podcast called Fighting for the Faith.
— Matthew G.
Africa needs programs such as yours… Christian bookstores down here are a nightmare and sadly solid churches are far and few between… Your program has been such a blessing to me and many I know and we thank God for how he is using you.
— Micha, a German living in Cape Town, South Africa
I wanted to encourage you for what you are doing with Fighting for the Faith… I was a Christian who struggled to “live the good life” for the Lord, yet always coming up short by my sin. Your explanation of law and grace has helped me settle down and truly live a peaceful life, knowing I simply cannot ever “do” my way into God’s favor (or be His favorite)… But let me just tell you that you are right on track… Keep up the good work, I’ll keep contributing and listening.
— Eric in Toledo, Ohio
As I have been listening to your podcast I have been really blessed as a Christian…

I am privileged to teach the Bible at Bible School… I preach Christ and Him crucified and I tell my Bible School students that God’s power is in His Word not in what I think or telling stories but in His Word. I tell them that it it is better to be divided by truth than united in error and that they must test all things always. You are an encouragement to me and also to my students as we have secretly played some of your podcasts at Bible School without the purpose driven seeker friendly pastors knowledge. It is a bit sneaky I admit but the students are very founded in the Word of God and appreciate your input. Some of them have taken the Gospel to overseas destinations and reported back that the Gospel has borne fruit to the glory of God.
— Nick R.
Further, I’ve been listening to your radio programs fighting back against the “Word of Faith” heresy and I wanted to encourage you in that they’ve been very helpful to me and plenty of others in handling that false teaching… Suffice to say, God has used you to teach me truth which I have been able, in some small capacity, to relate to others by God’s grace. Thanks again for your ministry. Keep up the good fight!
— Matthew D.
I just listened to your conference sermon, “Sola Scriptura” in its entirety and I felt compelled to email you and COMMEND you and encourage you in your ministry. I am a monthly supporter (now I guess I’m a Powder Monkey), I also tell everyone about your show and podcast (I even looked up the words to “It’s A Pirates Life For Me” on the Internet)… Your sermon sums up all I believe about the Christian life and sound doctrine… What you are doing I think in your life and ministry is doing what Luther did and many other Reformers in the 15th and 16th centuries… I was born again in 1973 and totally changed by Christ… and in my weakness and foolishness, I guess it’s taken me this long to realize, in bold relief I might add, the truths you so well espoused in this message I just listened to… If it weren’t for your podcast which I listen to daily, I would not have known about many of these false teachers and “vision casting” pastors… Keep up the good work!
— Sidney M.
I have been a long time listener and subscriber to your podcast and it has challenged me to be the type of Christian, Sunday school teacher, and church member that doesn’t allow people to “come in unnoticed” (Jude). I have been greatly encouraged to take my Bible, salvation, and my Jesus more seriously because of your ministry. I want to thank you for your dedication to Scripture and the proclamation of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.
— Chris in Canton, Georgia
I owe you the JOY of my salvation, Pastor Rosebrough. Now I know, God is FOR me. I was a Calvinist, fearing and trying to obey God, climbing the ladder of knowledge, but secretly struggling often with assurance of my salvation. Always inspecting fruit.
— Pentti in British Columbia, Canada
Thanks for Fighting for the Faith. Your work has fundamentally contributed to my wife and I coming out of the Word of Faith cult into a new, small church plant where Scripture is actually taught!

Keep fighting. I give you money as your work has great worth Chris. It reached me in New Zealand and got me out of Word of Faith and into a real church.
— Alan in Auckland, New Zealand
I want to take time to thank you for exposing the ridiculous false teachers of Charismania. I was raised in a fundamentalist home. My dad and brothers are all Baptist ministers. As I approached adulthood I too followed their steps in “ministry.” Frustrations pushed me to the fringes of the Baptist church. Eventually I found myself in the mix of the Pentecostal movement. There I heard the teaching that would send me and my family on a tailspin that has lasted over a decade.

The idea that the Christian life somehow is composed of “more” is an extremely dangerous doctrine. It grabs you and keeps you seeking for this elusive “more” (which no one has ever found). As long as you are seeking, you are dependent on the movement. Nothing is sufficient for your salvation, sanctification or peace. Prophesies, new movements and revivals keep you always on the go, always unsettled. Nothing you do is good enough. If you are fortunate enough to get a taste of the “glory” (or whatever), you do get to feel the high of being a bit of a rockstar. People look up to your spirituality. You begin to believe the lie that you are “anointed,” “set apart,” and on and on. Honestly, my flesh LOVED the action and attention. It was a drug to speak and manipulate the emotions and lives of so many. However, if you dare to take Scripture seriously, conviction will eventually eat you alive. Many get to this place and leave, but they are still trapped by that original lie, “there’s more.”

For my family this lie led us into, believe it or not, conservative Anabaptism. Yep, suspenders and all. Recently we attended a Lutheran congregation. There the Word of God about the sufficiency of Christ penetrated my soul and exposed the lie. I’m not big on events that “change your life,” but this was big. It was amazing to finally lay down all of the false efforts, rules, and seeking to rest in the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I have listened to you in years past, but never had I tied the lie of Charismania with the rules and regulations of Conservative Anabaptism. Thank you for helping me see that underneath it all I was just chasing the wrong Jesus.
— Larry J.
I wanted to take a minute and say thanks for the impact your show has had on me and my family. I started listening to Fighting for the Faith in 2008 after searching iTunes for podcasts on theology that were not so dull as to provide sleeping material.

Providentially, I found Fighting for the Faith and have been an avid listener, follower, and supporter ever since. I was raised a Fundamental Baptist, and then attended non-denominational and Christian churches after going to college at Taylor University. I had never considered becoming a Lutheran before listening to your show, assuming that all mainline denominations were theologically liberal. After these many years of listening though, I decided to attend some LCMS churches… For me, the difference between the non-denominational type churches I attended previously vs. the Lutheran tradition has been amazing. My comment to my Dad was that at my previous churches it’s like I was living on scraps of spiritual food each week, where now I get a full meal each Sunday.
— John in Noblesville, Indiana
I have been looking at various “discernment” ministries for more than ten years and Fighting for the Faith is the most positive, pointing out good ministers and demonstrating that we are not a tiny minority and that God is still getting the truth of the Gospel out through the true body of Christ.
— Kevin B.
About a year ago I stumbled upon you debunking Robert Morris’ Blessed Life and that got me hooked on your podcasts. You pausing a sermon and explaining what was being said was so helpful in learning to listen to the right things. Of course, you scrutinizing every detail in a sermon eventually led me to challenge all my Pentecostal beliefs like speaking in tongues, baptism of the Holy Spirit, direct revelation from God, etc…

Well, for about 4-5 months I got my brain rewired, started reading the Scriptures and felt like an alien – no one I knew had had that kind of question asked nor searched for the truth in that way. My wife didn’t understand… I introduced her to your program and she has become an avid listener of yours, smelling the difference between law and gospel miles ahead!!

Let me thank you so much for your part in that journey - your ministry has been of great service to our lives!! I cannot fathom what it means for you having to listen to all that bizarre and wrong teaching to create a good show – thank you for doing that!
— Ralf in Stuttgart, Germany
I’ve been a listener of your show for at least a few years now and I thought I’d send you a thank you. When I first started listening to your show I wasn’t sure the value. I’ve been a Lutheran since the age of 13 and well, didn’t even know some of the doctrine you feature even existed and sometimes wondered if might be better if I never did… then I started paying more attention to my friends and their beliefs. Your show has been a absolute blessing in helping me understand where those around me are coming from and knowing where they’d picked up “that” idea from. The discernment in your show is absolutely priceless.
— Jordon in Yakima, Washington