The following Contributors lend their creativity and teaching to our website and Pirate Christian Radio. We commend them to you and encourage you to support their ministries and churches.


Captain Rosebrough | Fighting for the Faith & Captain’s Log
Chris records our flagship production: Fighting for the Faith. When there is time, he helps “curate” the Museum of Idolatry and he writes The Captain’s Log. Chris launched both Pirate Christian Radio and Fighting for the Faith in 2008, after doing apologetics ministry for over a decade. He holds both a Bachelor of Religious Studies & Biblical Languages from Concordia University Irvine and an MBA from Pepperdine University. In addition to his duties as our Captain, Chris is currently pursuing an MTS from American Lutheran Theological Seminary and he serves as Pastor of Kongsvinger Lutheran Church, a member congregation of The American Association of Lutheran Churches in Oslo, Minnesota. He and his wife Barb (our First Mate) live in Grand Forks, North Dakota and have three grown children.

Steven Kozar | Museum of Idolatry & Messed Up Church
Steve has been a full-time, hyper-realist artist since 1986 (his “real job”). More recently he has become a fierce (yet hilarious) blogger who regularly swash-buckles against any heresy that sails the Seven Seas. He has witnessed the Evangelical-decline firsthand since the late 1970s and hopes to be a “pied piper” speaking to the confused, hurting, and frustrated people in the Church. Steve says, “We all need to question the so-called experts!” As "curator" to our Museum of Idolatry, his snarky verbiage is the perfect companion to our Captain’s truth-telling podcast and his writing is found throughout our website. In 2019 Steve moved his blog “The Messed Up Church” to its own website because he needed more room for all of the content and categories he had piled up, plus, he added some other contributors. Steve will continue to be active with Pirate Christian Media. Many of his Watercolor Prints are available in our Bakesale and at Steve and his wife live in Wisconsin (where he has been featured on PBS) and they have three grown children.

@Aspree_Berean| Berean Examiner
Amy Spreeman is a writer and researcher of modern day apostate movements. Raised as a Unitarian Universalist, she warmed the pews of several “seekermergent” churches before God saved her through hearing and believing the Gospel rightly preached. She also created Naomi’s Table, a Bible-based program for women and Berean Research, a place to help Christians be discerning. 

Chris Rice | Museum of Idolatry
Chris majors on the Internet so much that his four-year degree from Davenport University is in Internet E-Commerce. He is involved in many behind the scenes tasks online, playing the part of unseen “ninja influencer” by gathering resources and doing various grunt work. He spent his childhood to mid-20s in the Word of Faith/Pentecostal movement and transitioned to Reformation-era theology. He enjoys Lutheran theologians like Luther and Walther, and Puritan theologians like Sibbes, Watson, Burroughs, and Perkins.  Over time, Chris has learned that his “ability to believe” is not in charge, but rather, God is in charge. He enjoys gathering helpful resources, redistributing them, and keeping things simple. His “Is Not Satire” blog tracks odd things being done under the banner of Christianity.


Rev. Todd Wilken | Issues, Etc.
Todd serves as a Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Illinois (LCMS). He is the daily Radio Show Host of Issues, Etc., a Christ-centered, Cross-focused Talk Radio program for the thinking Christian. Issues, Etc. is a production of Lutheran Public Radio, a 24/7 Sacred Music Station.

Rev. Bryan Wolfmueller | Table Talk Radio & The Word of Hope
Bryan has served as the Pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Colorado (LCMS) since 2005. He received his Masters of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Indiana in 2005 and he is frequently interviewed on Christian talk shows including the nationally syndicated radio show Issues, Etc.

Rev. Evan Goeglein | Table Talk Radio
Evan has served as Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Oregon (LCMS) since 2011. He received his Master of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Indiana in 2011 and he hosts a live weekday morning show called “Rogue Talk” on 94.3 FM “The Bridge” a local radio station in Rogue River.

Rev. Donavon Riley | SimulCast
Donavon has served as Pastor of St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Minnesota (LCMS) since 2008. He is a conference speaker at Higher Things, a contributor at Christ Hold Fast, and regularly posts on his blog, The First Premise. He also co-hosts the SimulCast with Dr. Sandra Ostapowich.

Dr. Sandra Ostapowich | SimulCast
Sandra has been the Conference Executive for Higher Things since 2013 and co-host of the SimulCast with Pastor Riley since 2015. She received her Master of Arts in History from Luther Seminary in 2000 and her Doctor of Philosophy in Missiology from Concordia Theological Seminary in 2016.

Dr. Scott Keith | The Thinking Fellows
Scott is the Director of Operations & Scholarship for 1517. The Legacy Project and Adjunct Professor of Theology at Concordia University, Irvine. He writes for The Jagged Word and 1517. The Legacy Project. He earned his doctorate from Foundation House Oxford (UK), studying under Dr. Nestingen.

Dr. Adam Francisco | The Thinking Fellows
Adam is Assistant Professor of Historical Theology at Concordia Theological Seminary. Prior to joining the faculty in 2007 where he teaches Islamic Studies and electives in Christian Apologetics, he served as Professor at Concordia College NY and University of London’s prestigious Warburg Institute.

Rev. Dr. Rod Rosenbladt | The Thinking Fellows & White Horse Inn Classic 
Rod, now retired, was a professor of theology at Concordia University in Irvine, California for over 30 years, and has contributed to numerous books and presentations. He is also an ordained minister in the LCMS and is the champion of 1517. The Legacy Project, an online publishing ministry.

Dr. Mike Horton | White Horse Inn Classic
Michael is the president of White Horse Inn, a multi-media catalyst for Reformation. He is editor-in-chief of Modern Reformation magazine and co-host of the nationwide radio broadcast, White Horse Inn. He is also an ordained minister in the United Reformed Churches of North America.

Rev. Dr. Kim Riddlebarger | White Horse Inn Classic
Kim is Pastor of Christ Reformed Church in California (URCNA). He is visiting professor of systematic theology at Westminster Seminary California and a frequent contributor to Modern Reformation magazine and Ligonier Ministries’ Tabletalk. He is the author of four books.

Rev. Bill Brimer | God Geeks
Bill serves as Associate Pastor and Creative Director at SoulThirst Church (LCMS) in The Colony, Texas. He is the singer, songwriter, and guitarist for Bill Brimer & The Skybirds. And he cohosts/produces the God Geeks podcast, is a Contributor at Christ Hold Fast, and leads music at CHF City Events.

Vicar James Cleland | God Geeks
James is a Vicar at SoulThirst Church (LCMS) in The Colony, Texas. He is a full-time, High School English Teacher at Prince of Peace Christian School, summer camp and youth ministry guy since 2001, creator of, and Lego enthusiast. He also cohosts the God Geeks podcast.

Rev. Jonathan Watt | Streams of Living Water
Jonathan has served as Pastor of Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Iowa (LCMS) since 2008. He previously served two Lutheran congregations in South Dakota and Iowa starting in 2001 and received his Master of Divinity from Concordia Seminary in Missouri that same year.

Rev. Lewis Polzin | Boars in the Vineyard
Lewis served as Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Minnesota (LCMS) from 2013–2016. A graduate of Concordia Seminary in Missouri, he started co-hosting Boars in the Vineyard in 2013 and now co-hosts the podcast with Pastor Winterstein. He posts his sermons at A Pastoral Approach.

Rev. Timothy Winterstein | Boars in the Vineyard
Timothy has served as Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church in Washington (LCMS) since 2013 and he previously served Trinity and St. Paul's Lutheran Parish, both in Minnesota. He joined Pastor Polzin as co-host of Boars in the Vineyard in 2014. He posts his sermons at Bishop and Christian.

Rev. Brian Kachelmeier | Redeemer Theological Academy
Brian has served as Pastor of Redeemer Evangelical Lutheran Church in New Mexico (LCMS) since 2008. He received his M. Div. from Concordia Theological Seminary in 2005 and was ordained that year. He is also featured on Christ in the Old Testament, a series produced by Issues, Etc.

Rev. Ron Hodel | The Gift
Ron has served as Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church of Capistrano Beach, California (LCMS) since 1991. He received his Master of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in Indiana and he has served churches in Richmond, Piedmont, and California.

Rev. Jeremy Rhode | The Gift
Jeremy serves as a Pastor of Faith Lutheran Church of Capistrano Beach, California (LCMS). He received his Master of Divinity from Concordia Theological Seminary in 2008 and he is frequently interviewed on Christian talk shows including the nationally syndicated radio program Issues, Etc.

Rev. Dr. William Cwirla | God Whisperers & Sermons from Holy Trinity
William has served as Pastor of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hacienda Heights, California (LCMS) since 1992. He is the author of numerous articles and is a much sought-after conference, banquet, and retreat speaker. He is a contributing editor to Higher Things and Logia.

Rev. Dr. Craig Donofrio | God Whisperers & 200 Proof Gospel
Craig is the Communications Director of the Eurasia Region of The LCMS. He has been the pastor of three congregations coast to coast and is a Christian talk radio personality. He was formerly the Program Director for KFUO-AM, a station owned and operated by The LCMS.

Rev. Dr. Fr. B. F. Eckhardt Jr. | St. Paul's on the Air
Burnell has served as Pastor of St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Kewanee, Illinois (LCMS) since 1995 and he served two other congregations in Virginia and Wisconsin during the 13 previous years. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of Gottesdienst: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgy.

Rev. Dr. Matt Richard | Thy Strong Word
Matt has been the pastor of Zion Lutheran Church in Gwinner, North Dakota (LCMS) since 2013. He received his M.Div. from Lutheran Brethren Seminary in 2004, was ordained in the CLBA in 2005, and certified for ministry in the LCMS in 2013. He also vlogs regularly for Worldview Everlasting.

Layman Matthew Garnett | In Layman’s Terms
Matthew is a confessional Lutheran who drives a big rig. After ten years as an Evangelical pastor, a stint with Emergent Christianity, and finally being brought to the truth of the Lutheran Confessions, he knows how “the truth can set you free” and warns us how false doctrine leads to death!

Rev. Rolf Preus | Christ for Us
Rolf grew up on the Concordia Seminary (St. Louis) campus, the fourth of ten children, where his father, Dr. Robert Preus, was a professor. He received his M.Div. in 1979 and his S.T.M. in 1987, both from Concordia Theological Seminary. Having pastored since 1979, he now serves two LCMS churches.

Rev. Brent Kuhlman | Table Talk
Brent has served as Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church in Nebraska (LCMS) since 1991. He is the co-host of Table Talk via KNGN 1360 AM, co-editor of LOGIA Forum, and vice president of Higher Things. He is a guest teacher at Concordia Theological Seminary and Lutheran Theological Seminary in Russia.

Layman Brandon Warr | War Zone Radio
Brandon is a member of Ascension Lutheran Church (LCMS) in Florida. He started War Zone Media to help people fight against the tide of pop-culture that distracts us from Christ crucified in entertainment. He also provides daily commentary with a hint of comedy on the War Zone Media Arts YouTube.

Rev. Gary Held | Radical Grace Radio
Gary has served as Pastor of Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Florida (LCMS) since 2004. He received his M.Div. from Concordia Seminary in 2000 and served as a pastor in southern Indiana from 2000–2004. He co-hosts Radical Grace Radio with co-hosts Pastor Greg LeSieur and Matthew Pancake.

Rev. Greg LeSieur | Radical Grace Radio
Gary has served as Pastor of Christ Lutheran Church in Florida (LCMS) since 2005 and he received his M.Div. from Concordia Seminary that same year. A lifelong sailor who has been a deckhand, mate, and captain, he also co-hosts Radical Grace Radio with co-hosts Pastor Held and Matthew Pancake.

Layman Matthew Pancake | Radical Grace Radio
Matthew is a member of Risen Savior Lutheran Church in Florida (LCMS). He produces and co-hosts Radical Grace Radio with his pastor, Gary Held, and Pastor LeSieur. Originally a baptist, he became an atheist/agnostic, then an evangelical/pentecostal, and discovering the Reformation in late 2004.

Rev. George Borghardt | Higher Things Radio
George has served as Pastor of Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church in Illinois (LCMS) since 2010.  He received his Master of Divinity from Concordia Seminary in 2000 and then served for ten years as an Associate/Youth Pastor Texas. He also serves as the President of Higher Things