We're Looking for the Harrisburg, PA, Pastor Born With Polio That Todd White Healed!

Todd White has recently appeared in a video where he tells the story of how he healed a pastor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, of a leg that was three and a half inches too short. We want to hear from that man!

This man was the head pastor of a church in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, that taught against healing until Todd proved him wrong. Todd says that this man’s leg grew out immediately, and the pastor was forced to denounce his former disbelief in healing.

We want to meet this man and hear this amazing story directly from him!

This man must have been changed forever by this miraculous healing and we’re sure he would want to tell the whole world about what the Lord has done. We would love to see before and after photos and, of course, we’d really love to see the medical reports of this incredible miracle!

To help locate this man, here are the specifics of his story as told by Todd White:

  • This man told Todd White that he was “born with polio” but you CANNOT be “born with polio!” This medical impossibility alone should make him very easy to find, and on top of that, the Centers for Disease Control states that polio has been ELIMINATED in the United States!

  • Polio is spread through feces, so a mother cannot pass it down to her infant through conception. This pastor is probably listed as a bizarre anomaly by polio experts in the medical field-he’s probably easy to find in a database for polio research!

  • His leg was (very specifically) three and a half inches too short. Apparently, Todd White had a measuring device with him and decided to do a short leg documentation (“SLD”). This will make it very easy to find this man! Even if Todd White has helped lots of people grow out their legs in Harrisburg, PA, (while he was working for an ice delivery company), this is probably the only one who had a three and a half inch discrepancy. Good thing that Todd did a SLD!

  • The effects from polio do not always include having one leg too short, although the physical deformities resulting from polio could include such a condition. So not only was he born with polio (which is impossible), but he also had a shortened leg as a result. (Isn’t it funny how just about every illness that Todd White claims to heal involves a short leg? If only the medical field would catch on to this short leg epidemic!)

  • This man was the head pastor of a church in Harrisburg, PA, that (very specifically) taught that God never heals anyone. Ever. His church was “part of a denomination that didn’t believe in healing” and he “preached against it his whole life.” This particular denomination holds to a very strange and rare theological distinction, which should make it very easy to find. Although Todd White claims that he meets lots of pastors who “preach against healing” he probably misspoke, since pretty much all Bible-believing churches believe that God can, if He chooses, heal people today. Todd is probably a little confused, since he believes the Word of Faith teaching that says God always heal today, (if we give Him the right commands and exercise enough faith). Unfortunately, Todd White has had no theological training but has just read some books by Word of Faith expert, Kenneth Copeland (his mentor), so he doesn’t understand that God is sovereign and cannot be controlled by us.

  • This miraculous three and a half inch leg growth had to have taken place between 2004 (when Todd claims he was radically saved) and about 2007/10, because this was before he went into full-time ministry with Dan Mohler, which seems to be somewhere around 2007 or a little later. Todd says he was working a job delivering ice when he met the pastor and healed his short leg. So, just to put a time frame on this, the pastor had his three and a half inch leg miracle sometime between 2004 and about 2010 or so. This is just a 6 year window, making it pretty easy to nail down the specifics of this story!

  • In Todd’s retelling of the story, this pastor saw Todd in his dreadlock hairstyle and seemed to dislike it. This is a very peculiar detail since Todd looked like this in 2007/2008, according to Dan Mohler’s old website, which is shown here from web archives:

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