NAR Publisher Larry Sparks: "We Need to Be 'Weird' Again"

Yeah Larry, that's the problem with the New Apostolic Reformation: It needs to get weird again.

This is an article claiming that the Holy Spirit wants to do something, but He can't. He's waiting for enough people to accept weirdness as a true sign of His working. As long as Christians are hesitant to embrace weird (and unbiblical) manifestations the Holy Spirit has no choice but to withdraw His presence. According to Larry Sparks, there are only two choices: either stale, dry, dead religion OR a true revival that is intrinsically weird. He says this: "Every time God moved in Scripture or recent history, His movement—by and large—was accompanied by weird phenomena."

Come on people! I wanna see you squirming around on the floor and flopping like fish! Or you could at least laugh hysterically like drunken fools. Show me that you really mean business by behaving insane, or I’m going to take my toys and go home!
— Things the Holy Spirit Never Said
Randy Clark Making a Lady Scream in Pain by "Anointing" her

Randy Clark Making a Lady Scream in Pain by "Anointing" her

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Here's a brand new Destiny House book that features Bill Johnson, Lou Engle, James Goll and... DR. MICHAEL BROWN:

But don't worry, Dr. Michael Brown is not a part of the New Apostolic Reformation.